Cold Christmas

I was in Seattle when I had my first experience of the white magic that falls from the sky. Yes, I had not seen snow until then, and like a child who has seen snow for the first time, I acted like a real three-year-old. Then again, how can you not jump on and pick up and mould this magical substance?


My first Christmas in Seattle was like a magical Christmas movie, or a corny one with a predictable storyline, but I was loving it. Although it only snows a few days a year where I live, it is only a short drive to get a good dose of the white magic.


Everywhere I went there was Christmas carols and hot chocolate to warm you up after an hour in the cold snow. Everyone was in such a good mood with the holidays approaching, or rushing around before the influx of relatives. The stores were a panic zone to be steered clear of like the plague. The above photo is from Leavenworth, a small Bavarian themed town which has a tree lighting ceremony. The whole town really gets into the Christmas spirit. Leavenworth always has fun events going on, especially during the summer. You can check out what their upcoming events are here:


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