Trail treasures

Seattle is home to many exercise obsessed individuals. With incredible surroundings and such an abundance of trails, I can see why people are constantly out and about exploring our amazing state. There are trails for bikes and those that can be done on foot. I am so glad that a lot of the natural beauty of this state is protected and preserved for us and future generations. These photos are taken on a trail on Tiger Mountain, only a 15 minute drive from where I live. A link to information on this specific trail “Iverson Railroad trail,” can be found here:


Before moving to Seattle I had not seen such an array of greens. The constant sprinkle of rainfall in the winter months allows the flora take over every inch of ground. The plants grow in such a variety of greens, I had never experienced the colour green in my life so fully. The number of trees and plants around helps keep the air the freshest you will ever breathe.






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