Adventures at Pike Place Market

You cannot talk about Seattle without mentioning the iconic Pike Place Market! Made world famous by its fish throwing (and mostly catching) men, home to the original Starbucks store and a place where fresh produce and trinkets of all kinds can be found. The market bustles to life as men selling fruit yell their prices and ladies selling jewellery tell you of their craftsmanship. News on their upcoming events and their location can be found here:





Their tea shop is a must to visit! The have an entire wall dedicated tea, container after container filled with all the flavours you could imagine.

There is always a lot happening around the market. People performing on musical instruments for tips, and other people pretending to be statues…



My least favourite part of Pike Place is – drum roll – the wall of gum! People from all over the world have chewed and then stuck their gum to this wall. Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of yucky?



If you venture a level below the main market there are shops filled entirely with magic tricks, others with natural gems. Late one day as we were heading out of the market a man who sketched cartoons called us over. He said he would do us a deal and gave us half off a cartoon. Drunk on the vibe of the market, my husband and I sat down for a cartoon portrait. Needless to say the result was hilarious…



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