Father’s Day Hike – Cedar River Trail


If ever there were a good trail four people to walk side by side while chatting, this is the trail. With a heavy incline of 10 feet, this trail is only for the brave athletic member of your family… joking of course! Cedar River Trail is the perfect trail for a stroll and a chat. The trail begins out asphalt and then becomes compressed small rocks. Don’t be fooled by the smooth asphalt part of the trail; a road biker who zoomed past us and then hit the rocks went for a rather bumpy ride! He turned around embarrassed and continued in the opposite direction on the smooth surface of the trail. If you are planning on riding this trail, I advise a dirt bike. Unfortunately for some wildlife, bikers can be life threatening. As slugs make their three-day journey across the wide trail, many do not make it.





These bright flowers are called foxglove and can currently be seen along the trail in this bright colour and also a perfect white.

There are many bridges that you cross which look like the picture below. Some across Cedar River and others over roads. One bridge depicts the infamous salmon!






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