Terribly Delicious

The biggest issue I have had since I’ve moved to the good ol’ USA, is my relationship with food. I’m afraid to say that a lot of what I thought about food in the USA is true. The food in the picture below is loved by many in the U.S. My Australian readers may be thinking, “noodles?” These babies, are curly fires. Imagine the flavour of wedges on thin fries, which are somehow curly! OK I’ll admit it, they are delicious! Terrible, but delicious.


For those gifted with the talent of cooking, here is a recipe that is easy to follow: http://makingjiggy.com/curly-fries-recipe/

Shopping in an American grocery store used to be a hassle for me, as I was unfamiliar with the common U.S. brands. I remember this one episode where I was buying bread. I found the bread aisle, then became utterly confused. I never knew or thought that there would be so many companies and brands that I was did not know about. I guess it’s safe to say a little panic set in, as I felt incapable of purchasing bread without guidance. How silly!


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