Seattle Tulips

This has taken me so long to put up. These photos are from March, and it is now June, no, July! Is it just me who thinks this year is going way to fast?
The beautiful tulips you are gazing upon are from Roozengaarde Tulip Farm. You know they are the real deal when they have as their domain name.
Admission was $5 each. With this you can view the fields and the garden filled with different types of tulips. You can purchase a bouquet of tulips, or order some bulbs for next year.
Food is available, and horridly overpriced.
So, we went on a cloudy day, which is a photographers dream. It was quite warm, but don’t be fooled next year gumboots would have been ideal.
Make sure to check the site so you know when it’s prime tulip viewing. They were a little early with year, so check their site during March.
Will I be going back next year? Yes! It’s definitely worth the drive.







New Image


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