Carry-on essentials for the long haul…

When I say long flight, I’m talking about Melbourne to Seattle. This trip can be up to 33 hours door to door. Having taken this trip multiple times a year, I kind of have this down to a fine art. What’s in my carry-on bag, can make or break how I feel after the flight and feeling comfortable is really important. So here are all the things I pack when I embark on a long flight…

     1. A Water Bottle.

If I could only pack one thing, this would be it. Have you seen the price of water bottles in the airport? Bring the water bottle empty, or make sure to empty the bottle before trying to go through security. Then simply fill it up at a water fountain in the terminal. I recommend this bottle by Bobble, because it has a built in filter. You never know how the water will taste, and this will take the edge off.


     2. Hand Sanitizer.

I think this goes without saying. Remember you are in an airport with people and germs form all over the world. Many sicknesses you may not have been exposed to before and your body won’t know how to fight it off. Getting sick on the way to a vacation does not sound ideal. I really like these ones by Purell because they are easily accessible when clipped to the outside of a carry-on.


     3. Fluffy socks and blanket/scarf.

The flight from LAX to MEL gets very cold because it’s over water, and mostly during the night. I was recently on a red eye across the US and it also was very cold. Even though many airlines have complimentary blankets on the long hauls, this is never enough for me. My fluffy socks are a must, and a small blanket or warm scarf makes the flight more comfortable especially if you want to sleep. I travel with a big scarf because I’m crossing hemispheres it’s either cold on the way there or my destination is going to be cold. Then I can wear the scarf and not have to carry around a big blanket.


     4. Big sweatshirt/jumper/hoodie.

My holy grail jumper to travel with is a Pink jumper with an extra big hood. This is great because I can pull it over my head, and right over me face too. Ideal for my attractive open mouth sleepy face. Find a hoodie that works for you and treasure it! This Pink one with a high-neck would work well!

VSSweatShirt     5. Toothbrush or waterless toothbrushes.

So, 33 hours with no tooth brush. Uh-uhh no. These can be used without water – so convenient!


     6. Wipes.

Keeping with the clean trend, wipes. They are so refreshing on a long flight. A simple wipe down of my arms, neck and face – if I’m feeling sneaky, underarms too – helps me to feel refreshed and comfortable. I love these ones by Yes To they have a fresh cucumber fragrance; but if you have sensitive skin I’d recommend Neutrogena wipes.


     7.  Ear plugs.

Screaming babies and snoring people. You just know that is going to happen if you forget these. On the last flight I was on the people in front of me were having a very loud political discussion, and I was so thankful I’m remembered them! These are the ones that I get because they are so bright and easy to find.


     8. Noise-cancelling headphones.

Firstly, yes. Yes, it is absolutely worth investing in a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones. There is two types of noise-cancelling, which you should be aware of when purchasing your headphones. Passive noise-cancelling are headphones are like noise-cancelling walls. All the cancelling is in the structure of the headphone. Active noise-cancelling headphones use mirrored sound waves to cancel out the incoming outside noise. I highly recommend active over passive.

We recently got an amazing pair from Bose with some frequent flyers points. They live up to the hype and were awarded CNET Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 2015.
Tip: Don’t forget back up batteries!


     9. Pillow.

Everyone has their opinion of what the best plane pillow is; what I’ve found works for me is a more solid/supportive pillow in the “u” shape.


     10. Glasses/contact case/eye-drops.

No one likes waking up and realizing they forgot to take out their contacts. That gunky feeling it terrible. So, remember your case and contact solution. If you don’t know if you’ll sleep or not bring some drops to get rid of that feeling. Even if you don’t wear contacts or glasses eye drops are worth it. These Blink eye drops work well and are safe to use with contacts. If you have a layover or two, consider wearing your glasses during that time. Taking contacts in and out on the plane is not super sanitary. Protect those eyes!

      11. Entertainment.

Check if your plane has in-flight entertainment or not. I know that some of the United’s older planes have zero entertainment on the 16 hour flight between LA and Sydney. So, bring that laptop and tablet!

      12. I’ve got the Power!

We are all tech crazy I know; but what good is all that tech without power. Very few planes have power plugs (power points/outlets or whatever you call it). It’s quite common to have a battery pack to charge electronics. I own this Anker one, which I just got off Amazon.

     13 Moisturizer.

That plane air is going to be dry, and your skin will let you know about it. A little of your favourite moisturizer will go a long way.
Tip: Remember to keep it under 3.4oz or 100mls.


     14. Munchies.

No one likes paying $14 for an airport burger. Get yourself some muesli or nuts for the road… I mean sky.

Tip: Take your eyeshadow pallet in your carry-on. Trust me, your checked bag is not a safe place for it.

What’s in your carry-on bag?

I hope this was helpful!
Happy travels!

– SeattleKangaroo


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