Quick Outlook Email Attachments Tip

Recently Outlook loves to upload to OneDrive a file/picture I want to send via email, rather than creating and attaching a copy; which is what it used to do.

Here are a few quick steps to customise your email attachment preferences:

On Outlook.com select the settings cog, and then select ‘Options’ which is located last on the list.

This should bring you to the Options page as displayed below. Expand ‘Mail,’ then ‘Attachment Options,’ and finally click on ‘Attachment preferences.’

From here you can choose whether to have the attachments always upload to a OneDrive folder, always have the file attached as a copy, or to be asked every time which you prefer.


My preferences used to be ‘ask me how I want to attach them every time,’ but this became a little tedious and I found that the interface took a little longer to deal with. So, I set to always have things attached as copies, as this works best for my use. Having said that, it might be nice to have a folder with all attachments on OneDrive if I ever need them.

Let me know if this helps you out 🙂


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