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Quick Outlook Email Attachments Tip

Recently Outlook loves to upload to OneDrive a file/picture I want to send via email, rather than creating and attaching a copy; which is what it used to do.

Here are a few quick steps to customise your email attachment preferences:

On select the settings cog, and then select ‘Options’ which is located last on the list.

This should bring you to the Options page as displayed below. Expand ‘Mail,’ then ‘Attachment Options,’ and finally click on ‘Attachment preferences.’

From here you can choose whether to have the attachments always upload to a OneDrive folder, always have the file attached as a copy, or to be asked every time which you prefer.


My preferences used to be ‘ask me how I want to attach them every time,’ but this became a little tedious and I found that the interface took a little longer to deal with. So, I set to always have things attached as copies, as this works best for my use. Having said that, it might be nice to have a folder with all attachments on OneDrive if I ever need them.

Let me know if this helps you out 🙂

Blueberry Farm…

One thing I love about Seattle is all the farms. Blueberry farms, pumpkin farms, tulip farms…

They are so beautiful and super tasty! We went quite late in the season, but were still lucky enough to find some gems near the back of the field. Blueberry season is July to mid-September. If you’re in the area and want to try blueberry picking next season try Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm.

I froze the blueberries and eat a handful as a snack. It’s great in the hot weather! I’m thinking I’ll cook some too, but I don’t know any great recipes. Suggestions welcome!

WP_20150808_16_17_12_Pro (2)

WP_20150808_16_04_51_Pro (2)

WP_20150808_15_44_52_Pro (2)


I can’t wait for the next Blueberry season. (Munches on blueberries).

– SeattleKangaroo

Grey Glam Dress Outfit Idea…

New Image

  1. Francesca’s – Hastings Sweater Dress. How cute and comfortable? You could eat so much and hide the fact that you are bloated… So glam, right?
  2. TopShop – Floppy Wool Felt Hat.
  3. Prada – Peep Toe Bootie. Prada shoes, a girl can dream…
  4. Nardi – Pave Hinged Open Bracelet. My all time favourite jewellery brand!
  5. Nordstrom – ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ Long Drusy Pendant Necklace.

Grey again, what a surprise! The next one will be super colourful, maybe.

– SeattleKangaroo

Jet Black and Elegant Silver Outfit Idea…


  1. Splendid – Women’s Janet Boot. This boot was the influence for this entire outfit! How stunning is it!?
  2. Vince Camuto – ‘Saturday’ V-neck Mixed Media Top. Great for when it gets chilly in the evening.
  3. Nadri – Pavé Curved Bar Stud Earrings. An essential stud earring.
  4. Madewell – High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Davis Wash. So comfortable!
  5. Tasha – Beaded Multi-Cord Long Necklace.

– SeattleKangaroo